Tips from the Techs: How to properly spray down/clean your outside AC unit

Did you know you should clean the outside of your air conditioning unit? Give it a good ole spray down twice a year to improve performance. We recommend you follow the steps in the video twice a year – towards the end of spring, before the AC unit keeps you cool throughout the summer, and towards the end of fall, before it gets cold and you turn the heat on. Keep it fresh, keep it clean!

Check out Jordon’s tips you can easily do to clean your home’s unit:

Use your hose and make sure water pressure is not too high as you don’t want to bend the aluminum coil fins

Spray water the same direction the hail guards (the grill looking thing) are going to maximize the amount of water hitting the coil (going the opposite direction just makes it splash you!)

If the AC unit is on (which is ok), don’t directly spray down on the fan blade – keep water directed on the sides

Just like cleaning behind your ears, don’t forget to clean the backside of your unit

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