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Do you ever feel like your home is just not getting as cool (or warm) as you'd like it to be? Are you experiencing a noticeable increase in your energy bills, without an obvious explanation? The culprit may be lurking in your ducting!

Your air conditioner and heater relies on a network of ducts to circulate air throughout your home, but over time these ducts can develop cracks, leaks, and other damage. When this happens, your air conditioning or heating unit is forced to work harder to compensate for the loss of air pressure, resulting in increased energy consumption and reduced comfort levels.

But fear not, Dallas-Fort Worth residents! Upgrading or repairing your ducting is a simple and effective solution to these problems. By ensuring that your ducts are sealed, insulated, and free of any obstructions or damages, you can enjoy more efficient heating and cooling, lower energy bills, and better indoor air quality.

Think of it like giving your lungs a good cleaning. Just like you need clear airways to breathe properly, your HVAC system needs clear ducts to function at its best. And if you're thinking "But I can't even see my ducts, how do I know if they need repairs?" Well, that's where the professionals come in! Our team of duct experts can perform a thorough inspection and diagnosis to determine if your ducting needs some TLC.

Feel like you’re always venting? We hear you! You may also want to add a few more supply or return air vents to your home to improve the overall air flow in the home.

So don't let your duct issues bring you down. Upgrade or repair your ducting and enjoy better comfort, energy savings, and peace of mind. Because who doesn't love breathing easy and saving money?

We Work with Your Favorite

HVAC Brands in the Industry

We don’t like to limit our options, because we know our customers don’t like limited options either. You might have a favorite brand already, or favor an option because of a particular price point. No matter your needs, we have what you’re looking for.

Need recommendations? Our team of residential AC installers are happy to oblige. We can talk about the finer points of particular equipment all day. Let us help you navigate the right options for your home, and for your needs.

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No one cools down the Texas heat like the professionals at Bart’s. After all, we too live in Texas, and we know that a relentless sun can be a battle without the right HVAC system. This is why our customers trust us so much, and why they keep coming back.

We serve most of the Dallas-Fort Worth area for air conditioning and heating repairs, servicing and installations. If you don’t see your town, give us a call and we’ll see how we can help!


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Don’t Put Off Your AC Installation Service

There’s no reason to wait until your inefficient system fails and becomes an emergency. Getting stranded without a proper HVAC system is enough to ruin anyone’s summer. Instead, reach out to Bart’s and see where you stand. We provide estimates so you can make up your mind with confidence.

Your brand new air conditioning installation service (and improved home comfort) is only a call away.

Reach out to our friendly team of professionals, or get an estimate today!