The Essential AC Maintenance Checklist

A technician cleaning the filter on an air conditioning unit.

AC units are a constant source of comfort in hot months. But if your air conditioning unit is working harder than it needs to, it’s likely not working like it should be. This results in a home that’s too warm, along with wasted energy.  

The trick to keeping your air conditioning system in top shape is simple: AC unit maintenance.  

And let us tell you a little secret, it isn’t difficult either. On the contrary, AC maintenance is simple.  

As the summer months approach, here is your air conditioner maintenance checklist. While not a complete list of maintenance tasks, it should keep your units in working order. 

Keep Filters Clean

The first step in a diligent AC unit maintenance checklist is to make sure your filters are clean. When filters get dirty, they can clog up. This results in an inefficient air conditioning system since fresh air can’t pass through. 

Inefficiency in this instance works in a few ways. In addition to a lack of cool air coming through, it’s also likely your AC unit will work harder. This is because your thermostat is set to a certain point that isn’t being reached. Therefore, your AC will work too hard, resulting in higher energy costs.  

There’s also an air quality consideration regarding your filters. When there’s a buildup of gunk against your filter, some of it can start to get through. Now you have less air coming into your home, and what’s passing through is dirtier than it should be.

…Coils Too

AC unit filters are not the same as AC unit coils. And these coils should be kept clean. Much of this cleanliness is for similar reasons as the filters.  

If you have a central cooling system, then you likely have an outdoor condenser. This might be on your roof or on the side of your home, depending on your housing style. Condenser coils act as a barrier for the air conditioning system and the environmental elements. Therefore, it’s common that dirt, dust, and other environmental debris can find a home in these coils. 

The first step is to disconnect the power. This can be done at either the disconnect box or the breaker panel. Then you’ll want to spray the coils from the outside in. This is the most effective method for removing excess buildup and keeping your coils clean.  

If need be, brush away any remaining filth from your coils. But don’t be too tough on them as coils can bend and dent easily. And enough of these dents can clog the system in and of themselves.

Check Your Seals

It’s no secret that the better your seals, the better your home will contain cooler air (and keep hot air out). These seals are crucial for your HVAC system as well. As already established, you don’t want the system working harder than necessary. 

Schedule Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance at the hands of professionals is the way to make sure your system is functioning at top notch. There are all sorts of ins and outs when it comes to home cooling systems. From refrigerant leaks to roper drainage, there are many maintenance tasks we can assist with.  

The bottom line is that regular scheduled maintenance will do three things.  

  1. Keep your cooling system in shape  
  1. Keep your energy usage low  
  1. Keep your bank account happy  

Reach out to the professionals and make sure the items on your AC maintenance checklist are checked off. 

Get an estimate for service today. 

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